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Which is better phone to buy amongst Lemon Aspire A1, Lenovo A369i and Xolo A500s IPS?

asked Jan 25, 2014 in Mobiles & Tablets by anonymous

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answered Jan 25, 2014 by Vishki (10,550 points)
Specs wise Lemon Aspire A1, Xolo A500s IPS(screen wise this is best), Lenovo a369i.  Finally it boils down to your requirement. If brand name, build quality, resale value are considered, I'd suggest Lenovo.


I haven't used Lemon or Xolo, but with any of such brands my opinion is that their quality is relatively low and so is their life and resale value. It becomes difficult even to find a replacement battery or to find a service centre. Not to say Lenovo is far better, but it is relatively better in terms of quality as you can expect from such company. Being an international brand, they should also have better service. Lenovo is trying to capture some market share and has some good models at reasonable prices.


Lemon Aspire A1: Higher RAM,  Large screen, better camera. Though the screen is large, the resolution is not considerably higher than the other two, so I would not consider the screen as a big advantage. Considering specs, this is the best pick. The EPen makes it more fancier and attractive. If you think the pen will be an advantage, go for it.


Xolo A500s IPS : Falls between the other two and the screen is the main advantage over the Lenovo.


Lenovo : Simple, no nonsense phone from Lenovo. Main weak areas of Lenovo are its camera and the lack of GPS and front camera.


Want brand? Go for Lenovo. Brand doesn't matter? go for Lemon. I do not see a good reason to consider Xolo among these three.

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