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Is Nokia Asha 502 compatible with Nokia PC suite?

asked Jan 23, 2014 in Mobiles & Tablets by anonymous
I have connected my Nokia Asha 502 to the computer though nokia pc suite, but the message "phone not supported..." is displayed. Why?

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answered Jan 23, 2014 by Vishki (10,550 points)
Asha 500, 501, 502 and 503 does not support PC Suite. These phones support only three modes in USB, i.e., Charging, Modem and Mass Storage.  Other than that, the phones does not support any other function via USB.
Nokia PC Sute is compatible with older Symbian and S40 phones only. The Asha phones before 500 are compatible but not the 500, 501, 502 and 503. These phones run on new Nokia Asha 1.0 platform(currently version 1.1.1) which is the next generation of S40 and Nokia PC suite is not compatible with this new platform.


commented Jan 23, 2014 by anonymous
thanks for your answer
commented May 6, 2014 by anonymous
Well if you want to connect your nokia asha 502 or other asha platform phone to pc suite nd connect to net ,then try it ...................
get the lastest pc suitefrom net or from older ones like of n series.
If you have pc suite then then start it nd connect your phone using data cable ,like add a phone,and when it displays a message like your phone not support or driver missing ,then switch your bluetooth on nd connect it throug it after pairing it with your pc.And if your system is recommended for auto update for windows then it will start auto maticaly to download the driver which is missing .and cofigure it ,
Now you can connect your pc using your phone as modem option for net .
THat what i did nd its working ,
I had pc suite virson 3.3.86,nd when i tried with cable ,it pop up message that ovi suite not supported or switch off nd on then try,but that to not worked,so after that i connected with bluetooth nd got connected to net (may be it to depand on your service provider )nd as i have not disconnectd the cable as it was charing to ,i saw window massage that searcing for driver nd then finish ,nd after that i connected through cable nd worked fine .

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