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What is the HD access fee for TATA Sky?

asked Jan 21, 2014 in Other by Vishki (10,550 points)
What is the HD access fee for TATA Sky?

Is the fee applicable to each set top box in a multi tv connection?

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answered Jan 21, 2014 by Vishki (10,550 points)
edited Dec 18, 2015 by Vishki

TATA Sky HD access fee is Rs.200/- per month. The access fee was originally 160 which was later increased to 180 and now stands at 200 per month.

The HD access fee is per account per month. i.e., If you have a multi tv connection, you only pay Rs.200/- per month even if you have 4 hd set top boxes.

HD access fee is included in the Mega HD pack(and Mega South HD)

Update: HD Access Fee is Rs.175/- per month as on 19 Dec 2015

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