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Kindle FreeTime is not available on my Kindle.

asked Dec 21, 2015 in Other by Vishki (10,550 points)
I have a Kindle and I can not find / use Kinlde FreeTime. How do I enable or use Kindle FreeTime on my device.

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answered Dec 21, 2015 by Vishki (10,550 points)

[Kindle FreeTime is not supported by some earlier devices. Make sure the version you have supports 
FreeeTime. The Kindle I'm using is a basic Kindle WiFi 7th Generation, but the trick should work with other kindles too which originally support the FreeTime feature.]

I recently bought a Kindle for my child with the primary intention of using Freetime only to find that the feature is not to be seen any where on the device. Kindle Free Time does not work in India and some other countries. Kindle freetime though available on the device, the feature is disabled by Amazon for some countries. 

Just to see if it works in other countries, I deregistered my kindle and registered it again with a new account created at Amazon.com. Once the device is setup is complete, I could see the "Freetime" feature in settings. I think the feature is there in the device/firmware, but only disabled based on the country where your kindle store is set to.

So I changed the default kindle store of my primary account from Amazon.in to Amazon.com. After doing this change on the pc, I registered the kindle again with this account and this time I'm able to use FreeTime.

So if you are sure that your device supports FreeTime but are unable to use it, one way of enabling it is to change your default Kindle store to Amazon.com. (Amazon uk and other sites may also work, but I did not try any other sites. It definitely does not work with Amazon India).

To change the default Kindle store,
1. Login to Amazon.in(or your default Amazon site) using your pc.

2. Goto "Your Account".

3. Click on "Manage Your Content and Devices".

4. Click on "Settings" tab.

5. Under "Country Settings", click on change and select/enter a US address. I already had an US address in my account, so I could just select that.

6. Click on "Update" and you are done. Your default store will be updated to Amazon.com.

After changing to Amazon.com, it may take some time before the FreeTime appears on your device(May be when Kindle syncs or when it receives an update from Amazon about the account change). If you do not see FreeTime even after say 2 hours or so, try Syncing, Restart and finally Reset. It should work by this time.

If you do not see FreeTime even after Reset, I'd suggest deregister the device and register it again. It should work. No firmware updates are required.


The downsides of using Amazon.com instead of your own country Amazon for managing Kindle Store.

All kindle purchases must be made on Amazon.com which means some titles which are specific to your country may not be available.

Payments will by in USD(other options may be available, I didn't check)

Kindle Unlimited specific to your country will not be available. (If I have to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, I'll have to subscribe to Amazon.com unlimited, I can not subscribe to Amazon India unlimited.). Again, unlimited titles available may be different for different countries.

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