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Can you review lenovo a269i ??

asked Dec 22, 2013 in Mobiles & Tablets by anonymous
retagged Dec 24, 2013 by Vishki
I have seen your reviews about lenovo a369i, it was really nice and so can you provide some info about a269i? if possible do a review. Thank you.
Also i would like to know about the micromax new launches A47, A61.

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answered Dec 24, 2013 by Vishki (10,550 points)
selected Dec 24, 2013
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Hi Kailash,

Here is my opinion on the Lenovo 269i, I will not be reviewing it as I do not want to spend on this phone.

I suggest anyone to stay away from Lenovo a269i unless you get it for around 3k. Why? there are three main reasons as I see, the os version, ram and the resolution.

It runs on Android Gingerbread 2.3. Lenovo announcing and launching a phone with this antique OS at the price of Rs.5999/-(currently available online for Rs.4400/-) is something I can not understand. With this old android version, you will loose the app advantage of Android. Many apps already on play store will not work and do not even think of any new apps to support the version.

If you go for anything like Android 4.x you may be able to use almost all the apps on play store for next two years, but with 2.3 on a269i, you already can not use many apps.

Then the screen resolution is 480x320 pixels. Again, this depends on what you use the phone for. If you use it for browsing, it is a pint to use a phone with this resolution. You will have to keep on scrolling because this screen can only display a tiny part of the webpage. The minimum should be 800x480 which has become the standard on low end phones. 800x480 itself is low, but that should atleast be the minimum if you want to use the phone for browsing.

Then the RAM is only 256MB. It is probably ok for 2.3 version, but not recommonded for smooth performance. I have not seen Lenovo releasing any OS upgrades, but with this ram I do not think they can even plan it.

The other things say camera, processor, battery etc. are ok. But with the limitations above and at a street price of Rs.4400/- I do not recommend this phone. I also heard the phone does not have FM radio.

If all you need is a basic phone functionality(no games, browsing) and 2MP camera, you can go for it. But if this is all you want, the Asha series of Nokia is better. 2MP camera on 369i is an average one and I do not expect the one on 269i to be any better.

Micromax A47 and A61 are better than a269i in terms of OS and resolution, but again they both have only 256 MB ram which is not recommonded.

Look out for a minimum of 512MB ram, 800 x 480 resolution, 3G support and 1GHz dual core processor.  These are minimum specs you should be looking at to atleast use the phone reasonably.
asked Dec 24, 2013 in Mobiles & Tablets by anonymous
retagged Dec 24, 2013 by Vishki
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