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how to use my nokia asha 502 to my laptop for internet?

asked Mar 20, 2014 in Mobiles & Tablets by anonymous
recategorized Mar 20, 2014 by Vishki
How to use y nokia asha 502 as an modem to my laptop

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answered Mar 20, 2014 by Vishki (10,550 points)
Assuming that your phone has the internet settings(and access point defined), you have two ways,


1. Bluetooth - The first time you pair the phone with your laptop, the OS should automatically detect and install bluetooth modem driver.

Depending on the bluetooth driver/stack of your laptop(of the laptop, not phone or modem), you may have a direct option to connect to internet from your pcs bluetooth window. For this, double click on the bluetooth icon in your status bar, then double click your phone(it should be listed in the list of paired devices), you should now find an option to connect to the internet. If this does not work, check 'Connection' below

2. Datacable - When you connect the phone to the pc, select 'Modem' mode in the phone. The PC should then detect and install modem driver for the phone.


Either ways, your pc will have modem installed.


Connection :

Once you have the driver installed, you will have to manually create a new internet connection and use the installed modem for connection. The number to be dialled is *99#.

To create a connection in Windows 7,

goto Control Panel>>Network and Sharing Center

click on 'set up a new connection or network'

click on 'connect to the internet' then 'next'

click on 'set up a new connection anyway'(if this window comes up)

select 'No, create a new connection'(if this window comes up), then 'next'

select 'dial-up'

Now a list of modems will be displayed, here select the modem that relates to your 502, be it bluetooth modem or the usb modem. Then click 'next'

In the window that opens,

     enter *99# for dial-up phone number

     leave username and password blank unless your operator requires it

     give any name to the connection

Finally click 'connect', your new connection will be saved and dialled.


Next time, you can access the above connection by clicking on the network icon in the task bar where all the connections in your pc will be displayed. Select the above connection and click 'connect'.

The connection will also be listed in Network and Sharing Center>>Change adapter settings(i.e.,Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections)



Some phones/isps require an initialization string for connection. If the connection created above fails to connect, try it with the initialization string. The initialization string should be entered in modem settings.

goto control panel>>system>>device manager>>modems

right click on the modem being used and select properties.

goto advanced tab and enter the following for 'Extra initialization commands'


     (airtelgprs.com should be replaced by the access point name of your ISP)

Click ok and try


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